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Getting a little help with daily activities means you can stay independent in your own home for longer.

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In fact, a little support can lead to a much better life. Help at home looks different for different people. It may mean getting help with shopping and cooking. Or it could be receiving personal care to bath, dress, and get in and out of bed. It may even mean getting modifications to improve your safety and movement around the house.

Getting some help at home can enable you to continue to live independently in your own home for as long as possible. Nursing care services At-home help to treat and monitor those with medical conditions.


Specialised support services Help for people with a particular condition, e. Domestic assistance Help to keep your living space clean and livable, for example:. Home maintenance services Help to keep your home and garden in a safe condition, for example:. Home modification services Help to increase or maintain your ability to move around your home, for example:. Goods, equipment and assistive technology Help with mobility, communication, reading, and personal care limitations, for example:. The Australian Government subsidises the cost of home support services that you can receive in the comfort of your own home.

What you need to pay depends on your services and in some cases, your financial situation. An assessment process determines what program is more suitable for you. If you are able to manage, but need support with a few tasks, you could be eligible for subsidised support services through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme CHSP.

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This program aims to help those who need a low level of support to keep living independently. Only recommended to those who need one or two services. Home Care Packages are for those with greater or more complex care needs. If you need many care and support services on an ongoing basis, you could be eligible for a Home Care Package. An OT will typically try to make low-cost adjustments in the initial stages, but once again this is based on each individual.

In Ontario, Canada, aging in place is known as aging at home, and has received considerable financial support from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. Websites and organizations have sprung up all across the nation, in individual communities, states and nationwide to help people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. It was developed to help America's communities prepare for the aging of their population and to become places that are good to grow up, live in and grow old. They have been working directly with nine laboratory communities to assist them in advancing policies, programs and services to promote Aging in Place.

Smart homes are also another development to help promote aging in place by integrating a range of monitoring and supportive devices. These homes have technology for physiological monitoring, functional monitoring for emergency detection and response, safety monitoring and assistance, security monitoring and assistance, social interaction monitoring and assistance and cognitive and sensory assistance.

Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a smart house. This house would help to address issues older adults face when living alone, such as physical and mental decline as well as awareness for family members. The house includes technology such as pendants which understand commands in the form of hand gestures. It could open and lock doors, close blinds, turn on lights, and more. There is also an in-home monitoring system that can inform family members about an older relative's daily activities, health status, and potential problems.

This would allow older adults to remain in their own home while still maintaining their independence without their families having to worry about their well being. This is not the only smart house that has popped up. The University of Florida has created one as well. It has smart refrigerators and pantries which can detect food consumption and expired products. Their smart laundry machines can coordinate with the smart closet to notify the resident when it is time to do laundry as well as aid in sorting the laundry.

Aging in place

Every room is specially designed with these and many more smart features to aid their living situation. In addition to such governmental initiatives, livability can be optimized through the incorporation of universal design principles, telecare and other assistive technologies.

Assistive technologies include communications, health and wellness monitoring, home safety and security. The Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly PACE model was created in the early s in order to meet the chronic care needs of older people through their community.

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As an assistance program, one must be at least 55 years of age, certified by their state to need nursing home care, are able to live safely in the community at the time of enrollment, and live in a PACE service area. The goal of the PACE program is to care for the chronic care needs of older individuals while providing them with the ability to live independently, or age in place in their homes, for as long as possible. In order to make independent living possible for this population, the PACE program provides services, such as physical therapy, respite care, prescription drugs, social services, nutritional counseling, and much more.

Since , PACE has 82 operational programs in 29 states, and is continuing to expand today.

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For many countries in the Middle and Far East, it is part of the cultural beliefs for older adults to age in place. Many children believe it to be their duty to care for their parents as they age and therefore will move in with their parents when their assistance is needed. In many Middle Eastern countries, nursing homes are just recently coming into existence due to cultural and generational shifts towards Western values. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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