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Bluetooth Technology Interview Questions

Your are most welcome — I appreciate hearing that these tutorials are helpful! Thanks for the feedback! Am guessing that the item you are trying to convert to an integer is an actual list element. There are several ways to force the conversion. You might try a define global or local variable that is first assigned an integer value like 0. Then let that variable get the value of the list element.

It should convert it to an integer there. I realize this question is old — but YES! The source code here is intended to illustrate how to do things — no guarantees as it is not done as rigorously as done for a commercial product!

Developing Bluetooth Smart Applications for Android Tutorial

But I post the code here for anyone to use in their projects! One thing! BluetoothClient 21b,,Connect,Unable to connect. This error happened to me when I was trying to connect while being connected. Try to avoid the user opening the list picker again while being connected. That is interesting. If you were to call the Bluetooth disconnect block before the listpicker, does that still happen? I would like to know how to receive and compare numbers using app inventor 2 programing. I am using an arduino with a bluetooth shield. Can you help me?

It may also depend on which Bluetooth shield you have for the Arduino. However, some of the Bluetooth shields are Bluetooth LE low energy which is a newer standard that is part of Bluetooth. I could be wrong here — I looked into this a while ago. I have the parts sitting on my desk and just need to get to work on getting Arduino—BT—App Inventor working! Hello, Thanks for the tutorial. Is this card usable to this app inventor technique? I have a different Bluetooth LE card — and I have it talking between the Arduino and an Android app supplied by the vendor, running on my Nexus 5 smart phone.

But that is not an App Inventor app. My recollection from going through the App Inventor source code itself is that App Inventor does not work with the low energy version of Bluetooth. That said, many Bluetooth devices support both the newer LE standard and also the original Bluetooth standard e. Bluetooth 2. Without knowing the specifics of that board, you might give it a try and see first if your Android phone device can see the BLE card probably can , and then write some App Inventor code to see if it can just make a connection. Could you help me?

Hey there, im trying to build an attendance system using bluetooth, i would like to know, how to restrict the server to accept connections ,only from specified mac addresses and also how to link server to a database to store the attendance. Hey i tried to access the bluetooth project and test on it but i have a problem everytime i hit accept connection or connect device it freezes. It should show the list of known bluetooth devices. Did you ever resolve this? Another basic item to check is that Bluetooth is turned on in Android Settings.

I want to use the button on the headset to work as a click event in my program? Paul, This might be possible but would be very complex. For those not familiar with protocols, think of this as defining who talks first on the link and what are appropriate replies and had the data back and forth is formulated.

Is it possible for an App Inventor program to implement the protocol to a BT headset? There are a lot of protocols, for different applications, defined for Bluetooth. I am guessing that the synchronous communications-oriented link is the one that headsets use. The next step would be to search online to see how that protocol is defined and to see if the BT headset and AI code can actually see bits going back and forth.

Thank you this has pointed me in the right direction. I think you are asking — could the server and client apps, which I created as 2 separate apps, be combined into one app?

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Yes, they could. They do not have to be in separate apps. I kept them separate so that the concept of the client and server could be explained in a simple example — combining them into a single app would make the example a little more complicated. Is it possible to have the server accept connections from more than one device at a time? Trying to design an attendance app where a lecturer can send out a bluetooth signal and present students can connect and send back their student numbers to be marked as having attended.

Bluetooth application developer's guide : the short range interconnect solution /

Originally, I thought multiple device support would not be possible. The question is, then, does App Inventor support this capability? I do not know the answer to that.

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But what I would perhaps first try to do is something like the following:. Implement the connection and receive code for both BTServer components — one will be named BluetoothServer1 and the other will be BluetoothServer2. Now, get two more Android phones and implement the Client code and see if you can set up two connections — one going to Server1 and the other going to Server2. For now, duplicating the code for each Bluetooth channel is going to be the simplest to explain. However, there is a way to write one set of code that can maybe handle both servers — but that would need a whole tutorial on another programming concept before we even get to the Bluetooth part.

If you try this, let us know how this work? This could be a great tutorial opportunity for the blog!

Bluetooth Application Developers Guide - Syngress

Hi Ed. This really worked and done a trick.. Awsome man!!!

I have been working on it as a part of my project and done it.. I am sorry to disturb.. I think it works but still i didnot try it out.. You set up the multiple Bluetooth components? If that works, let us know! And if you wish to share sample code, I could post it here to help others — if this all works! I am using currently file component and im trying it.. The Bluetooth app that I have does not keep a history of text received. That could be added by putting code in the Timer event handler — where the message is read. There, add the incoming message to a list.

12222. Bluetooth Application Developers Guide - Syngress

One of the students is implementing an attendance app in App Inventor. Each student has a Team ID card they are supposed to have with them during each robotics meeting and event. The attendance app does a QR code scan of the student IDs. This does, of course, require the students to sequentially walk by the Nexus 7 tablet we have out at the beginning of meetings.

How to Think about the Internet of Things (IoT)

I imagine we will be making this code public, once its ready, as our team tries to help out other robotics teams as much as possible. Perfect thanks for the info. Thanks for the help, looking forward to seeing the code for what ye finish with and seeing if I can return any help to ye. Hi Ed, Sorry to be bothering you again. Just a thought, do you think its possible to have the app export all the text received to the BluetoothServer as a list, and then using the share function, email it to a specified email address.

Currently testing your idea of dragging in multiple bluetooth servers to allow multiple connections. Thanks for the idea. Yes, you can certainly save the output to a text file stored on the device, and then transfer that file to email or another device using various methods. I used a free app from the Google Play store called File Manager. I navigated to the text file I created, selected the file by placing a checkmark to the right of the file and then sent via email. The advantage of the latter approach is that it moves the data into a cloud-based database accessible from a browser or with Fusion downloadable to a Google Docs spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Yeah Ed. Why I sent it possible to have an app that allows me to connect my iPod too 6 Bluetooth speakers at the same time I am trying as we speak to creat this app. Connect 8 Bluetooth headsets to one cell phone to run the office would be nice also. Bluetooth LE low energy is a newer kind of Bluetooth but not backwards compatible with older devices. Bluetooth LE does not have a specific limit on the of devices that can be connected. Scenario is I have 6 Budweiser speakers and the iPod will only connect to one at a time also tried iphone 3 same thing.

They may not have envisioned that someone would want to connect one device to multiple speakers — and chose not to implement that feature. From the comments on this page, it seems there would be a lot of interest in getting multiple bluetooth links working from one Android device. I have published my bluetooth free chat app on app inventor gallery so you can find the codes there. Thank you Ed. Seeing as I know when I replicated the code for just 2 client devices and there was no error that data transmission was possible and genereal bluetooth capabilities allow up to 7 clients, I was wondering could ye help me or give me an an opinion with the error.

Is this coming up because not all 7 bluetooth servers have a client connected? I can still receive data as I have another label to show the text received via bluetooth but the error stays in the status label. So to say if I connected 7 clients to the 7 servers the error may go away? Or is there a different reason for this? Any help would be great. Hello, is there an app where two wireless ear pieces can talk together using Bluetooth and no cell service? Check the Google Play store. I suspect there are free apps that will do this where you can connect your bluetooth earpiece to your phone, and then use your phone to talk to another Android phone over Wi-Fi.

IOException; import java.

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