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Some airlines like Emirates choose not to offer offsets. Gold Standard is one of the most widely recommended bodies and the name I kept coming across. Their projects are based in developing countries and combine reducing CO2 with sustainable development. Otherwise they have various partners who run Gold Standard certified projects around the world:. Does carbon offsetting really make a difference? The same amount of carbon dioxide is going to be released on that flight whether you offset or not. But if you do have to or want to fly, then offsetting has got to be better than doing nothing.

And that energy efficiency projects are a better option than forestry as they directly reduce the amount of fossil fuels being used. Well obviously the best way to reduce your impact is not to fly at all! Reduce short-haul: Short-haul flights under km are comparatively the worst polluters because it takes a lot of energy to get up and down. So could you take a train or bus instead sometimes?

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This can massively reduce the amount of carbon you produce — a return trip from London to Paris return would produce kg of CO2 by plane versus 6. Choose a more efficient airline: The airline you fly with makes a big difference to your emissions. Lower impact airlines usually have more modern, fuel-efficient planes and carry more passengers. Choose a more efficient flight: The type of flight you choose can also have an impact.

Flying economy instead of business or first-class also reduces your impact sadly not a choice I ever need to make! Apply some pressure: I said almost the same thing when I was talking about cruise travel, but pressure from consumers is so important in getting businesses to act in a more environmentally responsible way. Read more sustainability posts. Flights have become so cheap in the short haul market which is where most of the damage is done. These flights need to be either reduced or more heavily taxed. Companies need to look at the bigger picture rather than the profit…I just read an article about Air NZ looking at ways to reduce their plastic consumption on board their flights which should be tackled by the whole industry as well.

The transparency is definitely an issue with offset schemes, and there being so many iffy ones does muddy the waters for the good ones. Remember the days when you went on one flight a year if you were lucky; those days are long gone since the introduction of the cheap airline flight model which has made travel more accessible to the masses including myself. Cheap flights are like fast fashion; cheap, nasty and bad for the environment. Thank you for writing this post — a great overview. So this comes in handy! Such an interesting post Lucy and something I feel many of us are starting to think more about.

How does the cost of European railfares compare to flights? That being said, I much prefer train travel to flying. Thanks Emily! Thanks for this, Lucy! Thanks Jo! Amazing, comprehensive post. I flew with RyanAir and am guilty of paying the quid to offset my emissions, it really makes you think to double check that these kind of schemes are legit! Thanks Rachel! I guess at least they are doing something, but would recommend looking at the more regulated, verified schemes if you want to offset in future.

And as ever, you have a knack for explaining complex issues in a digestible way, which makes the posts all the more useful. Thanks Sara! Fabulous article Lucy. I agree with Sara, you explain it all so well. This kind of thing makes me frustrated because when there are too many options, some of which a bit iffy it becomes all too easy for people to write the whole thing off as a scam. Happy to see such an educational post in a Travel Blog!

This is the simple tip I follow. Also, all the airlines should be transparent about this to the public as well. Lucy, I found this really helpful. It is worth remembering that the cost of First Class and Business Class flights to the customer subsidises Economy Class flights. Like everyone with a disposable income, I want to travel and see other parts of the world only accessible by the wonder of Jet Flight. It is therefore possible for more people to enjoy experiencing travel because of First Class and Business Class. I therefore celebrate Business and First Class travel for enabling millions of people globally to experience what some of us, Lucy, have come to take for granted.

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    Carbon Offsetting Explained - How to Reduce & Offset Flight Emissions

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    The traveller's guide to carbon offsetting your flights – On the Luce travel blog

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    Our analysis

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