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Delta Girls. Homecoming Girls.

Difficulties with 'Girls' - some further thoughts on a trend in book titles. | Unbound

Little Girls. Land Girls.

Live Girls. Ross's Girls. Society girls.

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Recommend Documents. Girls, Girls, Girls Growing up with Parents who have Learning Difficulties Growing up with parents who have learning difficulties Growing up with Parents who have Learning Difficulties challeng Sign In. Get Difficulties with Girls from Amazon. Download the Study Guide. Study Pack. Difficulties with Girls Short Guide Characters.

Key Questions. Copyright Information. Kingsley Amis. She has to - well, not really, she does not have to - put up with a spouse that is a serial philanderer and furthermore acts like a fool, as she says. Even when driving their Mini car - and on multiple other occasions - there are incidents when it is so evident that the man cannot abstain from assessing, desiring the ample or less prominent chest of women and alas, often go to bed with them. The hero works in a printing house, where Simon Giles is his boss - at least for a good while - and the man interested in more than a business relationship as becomes clear at one stage in the narrative.

He does not want to become intimate with his employee - a man he had hired after just a couple of hours and who used to be a teacher of Latin - but thinks coital closeness between Patrick and his wife would bring peace to his home. The philanderer of the novel is also a very heavy drinker, he had accepted his new position after consuming so much alcohol as to doubt what happened after the fact.

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Timothy Valentine enters the frame - a character that pretends this is his name, although we would learn that it is just an alias. Tim has had Difficulties with Girls He has abandoned his wife and seems to be affected by the Coolidge Effect - this was an American president who joked about the rooster and the hens during a visit to a farm. Nevertheless the analyst that is supposed to be treating him - who should be shot or at least jailed in the view of the Standishes - purports that the Difficulties are a result of homosexuality.

Tim becomes a regular visitor and a friend of the heroes, actually moving into an apartment nearby and then meeting at one point first Stevie and then Eric. Stevie and Eric are two gay men who live together in the apartment next to the Standish family, from where frequent noises are heard. Eric refers to his partner as "she" attributing to "her" female traits, shortcomings, exaggerated emotions, melodrama, multiple scenes of jealousy.

Indeed, when Tim first enters the apartment of the couple, where Eric's boss was visiting with his wife, a pathetic scene ensues. The drama, conflicts between the two flamboyant gay men reach a climax when a stabbing takes place. Meanwhile, Jenny receives a visit from Tim's sister, another heavy drinker, who explains the real situation of her brother, the abandoned wife, his job as a lawyer and other details. Patrick sleeps with the wife of another neighbor, Harold, and when he tells his wife the truth, she is more infuriated by that than by the mere knowledge and a silence over the matter.

Before this gratuitous and offensive confession, Jenny had understood that her spouse has slept or is about to with this woman.

Difficulties with 'Girls' - some further thoughts on a trend in book titles.

Difficulties with Girls is a complex, glorious, fabulous chef d'oeuvre. Apr 25, Deborah Wickham rated it did not like it. Nasty little book full of sexist and homophobic tropes. It says a lot that the only character I gave a shit about was the cat that went missing. I don't even like cats. Jan 02, Stephen Bywater rated it it was ok. Sep 08, Chris Taylor rated it liked it.

This book draws some very authentic characters and follows them through a chunk of their lives in 's London. It feels a little like a period piece. The themes feel dated - do we think of adultery in the same way as people like this did in the sixties or seventies? It seems that the main male character, who is an absolute cad, is let off a bit too easily here. Still, it wasn't bor This book draws some very authentic characters and follows them through a chunk of their lives in 's London.

Difficulties With Girls

Still, it wasn't boring. The dialogue in particular is very well-written and funny. Oct 05, Brad rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , library , humor-serious. Many good one-liners, but not worth it for all that. I can't help but consider Amis's view of human relationships about the most depressing thing ever. The ending made me want to curl up into a little ball and cry. Don't bother -- only for hard-core Amis fans.

Jul 25, Greg rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-read. I made it 30 pages or so into this and just wasn't drawn into it at all. Maybe it was the setting or the style, but life's too short and my to-read list is too long to put up with books that aren't gripping.

Oct 01, Calvin rated it it was ok Shelves: novels. I've never enjoyed the disconnect that Amis had with his characters in his later work. Especially here when the same characters were the leads in a novel years before when Amis wrote with a good deal more wit. Feb 11, Jerroleen rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction.

Amis tries to be so clever, but he's no Jane Austen or Evelyn Waugh. This book was icky. It made me feel icky. I stopped reading it about halfway, even though I had a feeling the ending would turn out okay.

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  • The characters were all people I had no desire to read anything more about. Aug 27, Tortla rated it it was ok Shelves: started-but-then-put-aside , schooly. My conclusion 10 pages in : I just don't care. OK but not as good as I was expecting. May 06, Se84 rated it really liked it. Sequel to "Take a Girl Like You. Mar 10, Leslie rated it it was ok. I love Kingsley Amis but this tale I found dark and unpleasant.

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    So satirical that it was sad, not funny except in rare moments. Adrie Van rated it liked it Feb 26, Natalia rated it it was ok Aug 26, TBH rated it liked it Feb 20, Rachel rated it liked it Aug 02, Andrew rated it really liked it Feb 12,