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Added to Your Shopping Cart. View on Wiley Online Library. This is a dummy description. A new, definitive perspective of electrokinetic and colloid transport processes Responding to renewed interest in the subject of electrokinetics, Electrokinetic and Colloid Transport Phenomena is a timely overview of the latest research and applications in this field for both the beginner and the professional.

An outgrowth of an earlier text by coauthor Jacob Masliyah , this self-contained reference provides an up-to-date summary of the literature on electrokinetic and colloid transport phenomena as well as direct pedagogical insight into the development of the subject over the past several decades. The state of art of dynamic coatings. Liu, J. Fanguy, J. Bledsoe, and C. Dynamic coating using polyelectrolyte multilayers for chemical control of electroosmotic flow in capillary electrophoresis microchips.

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Electrokinetic and Colloid Transport Phenomena

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