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This book is a must for anyone interested in learning about the developments in advanced field theory over the past few decades. Since the work of Emmy Noether nearly a century ago, the idea of symmetry has played an increasingly important role in physics, resulting in spectacular successes such as Yang-Mills gauge theory along the way.

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The current zenith of the local symmetry principle is the theory of supergravity, which combines general relativity with the spin-intermingling theory of supersymmetry to construct the richest and deepest symmetry-based theory yet discovered. Supergravity also lies at the foundation of string theory — a theory whose own symmetry principle has not yet been uncovered — and so is one of the central ideas of modern high-energy theoretical physics.

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  5. Unfortunately, since its invention in the s, supergravity has been an infamously difficult subject to learn. Now, two of the inventors and masters of supergravity — Dan Freedman and Antoine Van Proeyen — have produced a superb, pedagogical textbook that covers the classical theory in considerable depth. The book is notably self-contained, with substantial and readable introductory material on the ideas and techniques that combine to make up supergravity, such as global supersymmetry, gauge theory, the mathematics of spinors and general relativity.

    There are many well chosen problems for the student along the way, together with compact discussions of complex geometry.

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    Naturally, any finite book has to cut short some deserving topics. I hope that any second edition has an expanded discussion on superspace to complement the current, clear treatment based on the component multiplet calculus, as well as a greater discussion on supergravity and supersymmetry in the quantum regime. Overall, this is a masterful introduction to supergravity for students and researchers alike, which I strongly recommend.

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    Lecture Notes in Physics Free Preview. Conceived as self-contained primer for newcomers to this field of research Provides a basis for the study of critical behavior in strongly interacting matter Presents a general introduction to the fluid dynamics of strongly interacting matter produced in heavy ion collisions see more benefits. Buy eBook. Buy Softcover.

    FAQ Policy. About this book This book is a course-tested primer on the thermodynamics of strongly interacting matter — a profound and challenging area of both theoretical and experimental modern physics. Show all. Broken Symmetries Pages Satz, Helmut. Fluids and Flow Pages Satz, Helmut. Outlook Pages Satz, Helmut. Show next xx. Read this book on SpringerLink.