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Awarded by the American Psychological Association in recognition of outstanding and contributions to the advancement of ethnic minority issues in psychology. Promising Minority Researcher. Patricia Harris Fellow. Minority Fellow.

Full academic scholarships. Department Chair , Counseling Program Director and Director of Training , Associate Professor of Psychology and Education , Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education , Research and teaching at graduate and doctoral level. The center for the study of values is dedicated to promoting the Kluckhohn method for empirically investigating Cultural Values. The center is comprised of a group of International scholars from numerous disciplines who all use in various ways the Kluckhohn method. I was appointed an associate scholar for my work in developing the Intercultural Values Inventory, a measure designed to assess the value-orientations model developed by F.

Kluckhohn and F. Taught undergraduate and graduate courses in counseling psychology curriculum. Conducted research projects on career counseling, cross-cultural psychology, organizational psychology, and personality.

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Conducted individual psychotherapy, ran structured theme oriented and therapy groups, engaged in campus and resident life consultation, and supervised practicum students. Administered psychodiagnostic testing-weekly rotation-learning assistance service, collaborated on applied research project for administrative purposes. Conducted mini-presentations in actual classrooms on theme oriented topics e. Participated in intern and senior staff case conferences and in intern clinical seminar as well as full staff educational-vocational counseling seminar.

Collected data, wrote research proposals and reports. Also worked for Division of Student Affairs on Maryland Longitudinal Study, a five-year study of over freshmen who entered the University of Maryland in the fall of Assisted in content analyses and coding of interview data. Contracted to perform intensive therapy for clients on waiting list, worked with five clients twice weekly who presented personal and vocational issues.

Conducted six-week Transition Program for incoming Black students. Focused on studentship skills, interpersonal communication and assertiveness training.

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Assisted professors with grading papers and exams. Administered exams, supervised undergraduate TA's and assisted students in development of counseling skills. Responsible for students five discussion sections. Provided direct outreach to deinstitutionalized psychiatric patients and functionally disabled clients. Provided supportive psychotherapy, general social work, and medical follow-up. Primary responsibility: vocational and personal counseling.

Oriented individual trainees to OIC program and interpreted program objectives. Provided individual and group counseling. Responsible for counseling program; executed policies outlined by administration; administered and evaluated educational tests; maintained contact with related community agencies. Worked in consultation with program directors to maintain the career center, develop grant proposals, and troubleshoot agency problems.

Facts about Adolescent Mental Health

November, Race-based Traumatic Stress Injury: Assessment and recognition. October, Race and Racial identity in Psychotherapy: Practical Applications. Boston, MA. August, April, Publishing in The Counseling Psychologist. Invited Presentation Panel of Journal Editors.

March, Kansas City, Mo. Invited Training Session. Chair and Presenter. Forsyth, S. The benefits and costs of teaching about race and culture. Symposium on confronting resistance and maintaining resilience in multicultural teaching, research and practice - by division 17 section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity with J. Trimble and M. Developing cultural competency in mental health organizations and programs. Panel chaired by Arthur Evans; Toward an empirical framework for cultural competence - by division 18, presentation at the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Professor Robert Carter of the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology is conducting a nationwide online survey to determine how racism has impacted the lives of respondents. Participants in the TC Winter Roundtable, "Strategies for Building Cultural Competence in Psychology and Education" on February 20th and 21st witnessed the introduction of some notable new features at the conference, in addition to its renowned presentations, workshops, and keynote speakers.

For two days in February for the past 16 years, the Winter Roundtable has brought together practitioners, researchers and students to explore cross-cultural issues in psychology and education. According to research co-authored by Professor Robert Carter, black Americans may have adverse mental health effects from perceived racism. In a paper published online by the American Psychological Association's Journal of Counseling Psychology, perceived racism may cause mental health symptoms similar to trauma in Black Americans, according to new research co-authored by TC's Robert Carter and Alex Pieterse, an TC alumni.

Welcoming new employees, and celebrating promotions and long-term staff anniversaries. One of the most compelling stories of collaboration throughout our history has been the work of our faculty in psychology. The United States is becoming a majority non-white nation. To truly level the playing field, non-whites will need to reclaim and recast their own narratives. Select a page. Educational Background Licensed Psychologist. Psychiatric Times, 23 14 Biographical Information.

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Robert T. Carter, Ph. His research and scholarship focuses on issues of race and culture. He is internationally known for his work on White and Black racial identity. Carter has applied analyses of race, racial identity, and culture to psychotherapy process and outcome, legal issues, organizational development, health disparities, disaster mental health and preparedness, and educational equity. He has published more than 75 journal articles and book chapters and he has authored or edited books 7 books. His most notable works are - The influence of race and racial identity in the psychotherapy process, : Wiley.

His most recent area of inquiry is on the stressful and potentially traumatic effects of racial discrimination.

Mental Health in a Multi-Ethnic Society: A Multidisciplinary Handbook

He is currently an Ira Glasser Racial Justice Fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union exploring the legal implications of racial discrimination and psychological injury. He also works as an expert witness, legal and organizational consultant. Honors and Awards. Professional Experiences. Private Clinical Practice , Individual, couples, and families.

Does RACE Impact Mental Health Stigma? Therapists Discuss.

Private Consulting Practice , present. Organizational and legal consulting. Conference Director , Research Associate , Associate Counseling Psychologist. Minority participation in a major residential and intensive outpatient program for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 5 , Cognitive-behavioral treatment of social anxiety disorder with comorbid schizophrenia. Clinical Case Studies, 14 5 , Six-month outcomes from a randomized trial augmenting serotonin reuptake inhibitors with exposure and ritual prevention or risperidone in adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 76 4 , Professional challenges facing African American psychologists: The presence and impact of racial microaggressions. The Behavior Therapist, 38 4 , Domains of distress among people with sexual orientation obsessions. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 14 3 , Stigma and shame as barriers to treatment in obsessive-compulsive and related disorders. Journal of Depression and Anxiety, 4 3 , Assessment and treatment of sexual orientation obsessions in obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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What about the anxiety? Monitor on Psychology, 48 50 , Wolitzky-Taylor, K. Introduction to the Special Issue on Diversity and Inclusion. Transgender anxiety, cultural issues, and cannabis in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Editorial: Differences in psychopathology across ethnicity and culture. Behavioral health service delivery with African Americans. Benuto et al. Cultural Competence Teaching about race and racism. Williams, D. Kanter Eds. Graham-LoPresti, J. Culturally responsive assessment and diagnosis for clients of color. Promoting diversity and inclusion on college campuses. Impact of race, ethnicity, and culture on the expression and assessment of psychopathology , Chapter 5.

Beidel, B. Hersen Eds. Tools for assessing racism-related stress and trauma among Latinos. Benuto Ed. ISBN: Tools for treating obsessive compulsive disorder among Latinos. Obsessive-compulsive disorder in ethnoracial minorities: Symptoms, barriers to care, and cultural considerations for treatment. Pittenger Ed. Oxford University Press. Heinemann Digital Campus Reference Library. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Cross-cultural phenomenology of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Abramowitz, D.

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Storch Eds. Obsessive-compulsive and related disorders in ethnoracial minorities: Attitudes, stigma, and barriers to treatment. Ross Ed. Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Breland-Noble, C. Singh Eds. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Treatment of suicide obsessions in obsessive-compulsive disorder with comorbid major depressive disorder. Lewin Eds. Columbus Ed. Cultural manifestations of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Lack Ed. United Kingdom: Onus Books. Malcoun, E. Leany Eds. New York, NY: Springer.

Terwilliger, J.