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Bestselling Series
Lethal Intent

MI5 are on their case and, unknown to DCC Bob Skinner and his men, they have set up a drug-dealing sting to flush the gangsters out. The resulting mayhem and violence throws everyone into confusion until the dust settles and they realise the gangsters are preparing a hit on a member of the Royal family - a certain Prince who is attending St Andrew's University.

Meanwhile two high-ranking policemen mourn the loss of a son and a daughter in mysterious circumstances, and then another witnesses his son being abducted. Is someone taking revenge on the police force in a particularly brutal and callous way?

Lethal Intent (Bob Skinner Mysteries) by Quintin Jardine - book review

Are the crimes linked? Quintin Jardine keeps you guessing until the end in this tautly plotted, powerful and utterly engrossing novel.

Wuornos began prostituting herself at age 12 for cigarettes and beer. At 15 she bore an illegitimate child, at 16 she took to the highways as a hitchhiking hooker. In , with a lengthy rap sheet and prison term under her belt, she entered into a relationship with Tyria Moore, Her arrest and trial prompted a worldwide media frenzy. Ultimately Wuornos received six separate death sentences.

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Here is the definitive account of a killer who confounded the profiling experts, forever changing their concepts of the crimes of which a woman is capable. Lethal Intent Pinnacle true crime.