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In all fairness if you are a new game player try this but if you have played any HO games I think you will be disappointed. I finished this game in less then a day. Rated 3 out of 5 by HastaLaPasta from Comme ci comme ca A little confusing to begin with seeing as the guidance it gives you can be a little scarce, but once you figure it out, it's simple enough to follow. The minigames can be as frustrating as they are enjoyable. The plot requires a certain suspension of disbelief and the main character sounds rather reminiscent of a stalker, but that has it's own charm, in a strange way.

Overall, not a game that I'd replay, but still one I'd say is worth playing if you have the money to burn. Overall the game has an interesting plot: a woman is going to a university in Paris to study art, and falls for a vampire in her art class.


It begins well and at first the pacing seems excellent. You arrive in the city, track down the man who is renting you the apartment, clean the apartment up, buy groceries, and tour the city. The hidden objects are relevant, but sometimes very difficult to find.

The Paris Story

Some of them are so small you actually have to strain your eyes. I guess that's good if you really like a challenge, but I found it to be an eyestrain and too difficult to be enjoyable. I must warn you, some scenes are out of sequence, so the story seems to make little sense at times.

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For example, there is a scene where the woman meets the vampire at a park and he refuses to have a picnic with her. The player is left wondering how the heck they ended up there together without prelude, and why he is being so rude.


But in the next scene she runs into him at the riverbank, asks to make sure she remembers his name, and THEN decides to make a picnic lunch and goes shopping for items to put in a basket. The scenes are jumbled and it wasn't done on purpose. At first I thought the game might be British due to some unfamiliar word choices I'm America , but it could actually be a foreign game that is poorly translated. Or maybe the writing is just that bad! I thought the pacing was good at first find your landlord, check out your new apartment, go to class but then it started jumbling scenes and rushing the story.

They had barely met before "falling in love" and the game doesn't always make clear where you should go next.

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You travel between city locations via the subway. That was very difficult to figure out and get used to, because as in real life you have to make connections and make sure you're getting on the right lines.

The subway images all look exactly alike so you have to pay careful attention to the small direction signs and follow your map. You spend the majority of the game on the subway, not even searching for hidden objects or solving puzzles most of the time, and it's beyond irritating. I think the graphics are attractive. The dialogue might have been better if voice-acted or if it had been written or translated better. I'd recommend it to someone who likes a challenging hidden objects game, but it's not much fun and the writing quality is very poor.

Rated 2 out of 5 by bluesycat from I had to see for myself Couldn't believe that the game could be as frustrating as other reviews suggested. So I just had to try it.

Not fun. I'm not sure if it's just too challenging for my skills, or a poorly constructed game. Random clicks - exactly. You can't even intuit what the developers want you to do. Mysterious, funny, insightful, and heartbreaking, these are tales of expatriates and exiles, wise children and straying saints. Together they compose a secret history, at once intimate and panoramic, of modern times. Often, her fiction drew its energy from contradictory qualities: her stories were minutely observed but also suspenseful, matter-of-fact but also fanciful, reportorial but also imaginative. They were broad-minded, and so felt real Gallant had a rare gift: a solid imagination.

When beginning one of [Gallant's] stories I feel that I must already be running along a platform, willing to leap onto a moving train The chosen few of French chefs are demanding more marketing to promote French cuisine around the world and defend their mutual values and convictions.

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For several days Paris has been the fashion planet again: Christian Dior kicked off the Paris haute couture season on Monday. Yesterday, Valentino did the showdown. And now all is over, for a few weeks only. Here in Paris you can find everything what you've already have everywhere else: McDonalds, Zara, Body Shop, you name it. Globalisation has changed our city centres and made them look all the same. This is your last chance to visit the historic exhibition at the Grand Palais: it'll be open day and night from now on, closing on Monday, 24th of January, at 10 pm.

Take a chance!

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Joel Robuchon is a cooking mandarin, one of those legendary French chefs known around the globe, and with reason. You might think that Saint-Sulpice is just another church. It's one of the biggest touristic attractions in Paris with visitors a year. After eleven years of renovation Saint-Sulpice is back in beauty. Roma Polanski is back. Which is the most important day in the life of a Parisian?

Her wedding day? The day she moves in her new apartment? A lot, I suppose, simply because the library of the history of Paris is a perfect place for researchers, writers and everybody mad about Paris. The other day, I saw a young lady lying in a bed. I saw her through a window, but the strange thing was, I could just walk into her room and observe her. Yes, indeed. There are a lot of tourists in Paris these days. The day you really do it, don't expect fireworks, I'm sorry to tell you. Your hopes will definitely be dashed.

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The rise of Seine water might cause a lot of problems but the spectacl is awesome. Have a look at this beautiful shot: the banks of the river Seine are flooded. Nature is back to Paris.