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Oxetanyl Peptides: Novel Peptidomimetic Modules for Medicinal Chemistry

Isotope Labeled Peptides. Long Peptides.

N-terminal Modifications. Peptide Dimers.

Peptide Pooling and Library Service. Post-translational Modifications. All production is performed according to ISO standards. COM0 1. COM6 1. Partner with us.

Peptidomimetics Protocols

Peptidomimetics Peptide optimization is a challenging task that cannot simply be done by the execution of pre-defined general routes. Listed below are examples of modified peptides that JPT has produced in the course of optimization projects: Non-proteinogenic building blocks, e.

Peptide bond isosters, e. This article is cited by 17 publications. Bioconjugate Chemistry , 28 9 , DOI: The Journal of Organic Chemistry , 73 22 , Synthesis, antimycobacterial activity and influence on mycobacterial InhA and PknB of membered cyclodepsipeptides. Vinyukov, M. Dmitriev, A. Yarkevich, V.

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Cyclic Amidoalkylation of Hydrophosphorylic Compounds. Synthesis of Proline Analogs. Russian Journal of General Chemistry , 87 12 , Vinyukov, B. Lednev, V. Synthesis of prolyl-glutamate phosphoisostere. Russian Journal of General Chemistry , 87 10 , European Journal of Organic Chemistry , 25 , Yuliya V.

Sherstyuk, Alexandra L.

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Zakharenko, Mikhail M. Kutuzov, Polina V.

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Chalova, Maria V. Sukhanova, Olga I. Lavrik, Vladimir N. Silnikov, Tatyana V. Synthetic protocols towards the transition-state mimics and reactive "warheads," applicable in enzyme inhibitors, are also disclosed. Peptidomimetics Protocols is the first book devoted to the practical synthetic preparation of peptide mimetics.

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Written by both academic and industrial synthetic organic and medicinal chemists, this book provides highly practical synthetic procedures for the generation of key peptide mimetics, and so immediately becomes a must-have desk reference and guide for all medicinal and pharmaceutical chemists engaged in the discovery and development of pharmaceuticals today. This book will clearly be of value to those who are interested in synthesizing nonpeptidic analogues of small peptide ligands. Each chapter is written in the same general format of introduction, materials, methods, notes and references, which is always valuable for a book that will be regularly consulted.

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