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U of Minnesota P, Tropical Gothic in Literature and Culture. Technologies of the Gothic in Literature and Culture: Technogothics. Perry and Carl H. EGAN, James. Ray Browne, Gary Hoppenstand. EGAN, Kenneth. The Old Manor House. Compton attended the Woodstock Music and Art Fair while still in high school. Compares and contrasts two Jimi Hendrix performances, held three weeks apart, to illustrate the politics of race in America during the s. There, playing to a predominantly black audience mostly unfamiliar with his music, he was seen as being apart from the crowd, someone dissimilar.

Notes the topic of the festival was proven to still be controversial when the U. Senate defeated legislation that would have provided funding to help build the museum. Describes the significant impact of the weather leading up to and during the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Claims heavy rains prior to the event made installing a fence around the site in order to control access difficult, thus making the event free to two-thirds of the attendees. States some performances ended early due to the weather. Mentions the related effects of Hurricane Camille during this same weekend.

The author is a meteorologist. Acknowledges the Woodstock festival created briefly an euphoric endorsement for counterculture values of love and peace. Notes opinions regarding the festival range from it having been a paradise to an epic disaster, and from it representing youth united as a single voice to an accidental gathering without purpose. Concludes by stating the meaning of Woodstock is related to national identity because it was an exhibition of the freedom of expression.

Moves into a discussion on growth in the number of rock music festivals and their associated problems, such as violence. Mentions the career successes of Santana and Joe Cocker spawned by the festival. Concludes with a look at the Rolling Stones at the Altamont Speedway concert.

Includes a list of the fees paid to many of the acts appearing at Woodstock. Studies how the print media, both mainstream and alternative presses, originally reported on the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Considers ideological stances of the publications and the related influences on the reporting. Includes a postscript in which two journalists Greil Marcus and Tom Smucker revisit and reflect on their original reporting. Relays observations of the event by three other individuals who also attended Woodstock. Reports Yasgur received approximately 10, letters following the concert.

Touches on all the key points related to staging the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Presents a speech by the conservative author delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Philadelphia Society in Chicago, Illinois April 29, Acknowledges Woodstock was not an overtly political event, but also claims it would not have happened if it had not been for the Civil Rights movement and other political insurgencies of the s.

Offers first-person account of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair from a photographer who captured the event for the cover of Newsweek. States the music transcended social boundaries to create community. Claims efforts to recreate the spirit of the festival fail because the original spontaneity remains elusive.

Offers insight into maintaining the lighting system in the face of adverse weather conditions. Delves into the problems associated with producing a large-scale event, including having to account for both natural daylight and nighttime performances. Notes the need to meet the lighting demands of the performers and set designers. Reproduces a drawing of the stage lighting plans. Includes a list of the lighting supervisory staff members and an itemization of the equipment used. Notes some of the planning that went into preparing to report from the site, the various logistics, and the associated problems in doing so that developed during the concert.

Reflects on the Woodstock Music and Art Fair for the 40th anniversary of the event. Considers through an examination of the motion picture Woodstock how and what has been encapsulated and portrayed for history versus what has been ignored or glossed over. Faults filmmaker Michael Wadleigh for not capturing some of the behind-the-scenes controversies, such as the Grateful Dead demanding cash payment up front.

Explores why the iconic nature and cultural importance of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair was not initially realized, emphasized, or reported by major news media. Examines six daily newspapers New York Times , Washington Post , Wall Street Journal , Chicago Tribune , Los Angeles Times , and Cincinnati Enquirer and three magazines Time , Life , and Rolling Stone through the lens of framing theory to determine the prominence of the news event, the sources of information used to compile the coverage, and the extent to which the cultural aspects were given attention.

Finds each publication used primarily official sources such as law enforcement representatives, as opposed to consulting actual attendees. As a result, the coverage focused mainly on the problems created by the festival rather than the broader social implications and significances. Remarks on how he came to be involved with, and his experiences at, the Woodstock festival. Reports on the politics behind the funding of the museum.

Describes the exhibits, artifacts, and audiovisual presentations. Notes the museum reinforces existing notions of the event rather than attempting to overturn preconceptions. Delves into the origins of the museum including the purchase of the land by Alan Gerry and hiring of the architectural firm. Uses both the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, a performing arts venue and a museum dedicated to preserving the Woodstock Music and Art Fair experience, and data from the Woodstock festival itself to present mathematical exercises.

Draws from what appears to be a website maintained by Wavy Gravy himself. Describes by what means the band came to play at the event and the manner of their arrival in a helicopter. Notes later regrets about postponing their performance which resulted in the band not being included in the film nor on the record album. States the Incredible String Band was possibly the only act at the Woodstock not to be called back for an encore. This is a website created and maintained by Country Joe McDonald. Engages in a discourse on the accuracy of various sources proclaiming to present the correct performance order of artists at the Woodstock Music and Art Fair.

Includes postings from attendees offering their own versions of events. Provides a first-person account of attending the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Describes the poor sanitation conditions and associated odors. Talks about how easy, yet unnecessary, it was to have people paged from the stage. Describes the nearly hour-by-hour progression of deteriorating conditions and increasing unruliness of the crowd.

Comments on many of the acts. Takes Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit to task for encouraging from the stage dangerous behavior among the audience in the pit. Seems to be an official Woodstock website. Contains videos many of which appear to be from the motion picture Woodstock , photographs, and a news blog, all devoted to the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The website also sells Woodstock products e. Represents the archives of the Woodstock Preservation Alliance, a group dedicated to perpetuating the spirit of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair and the preservation of the original site.

Notes the group opposed the building of The Museum at Bethel Woods. A New York Times website updated continuously and dedicated to all things Woodstock. Links to more than original articles from to present, including all Woodstock festivals to date. Contains videos and interactive media as well. Includes oral history videos submitted by readers.

Points to other Woodstock-related websites as selected by the editors. Commemorates the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music and Art Fair. Discusses multimedia displays at the museum and the legacy of Woodstock. Includes snippets of commentary from persons associated with the festival.

Presents the Woodstock Music and Art Fair from a historical perspective using interviews, film from the event, and photographs. Originally produced for television in Documents the Woodstock Arts and Music Fair. Contains footage of performances not seen in the original major theatrical film Woodstock History [ edit ] Books [ edit ] Alan, Carter. Boston: Northeastern University Press, Anson, Robert Sam. New York: Doubleday, Blake, Mark.


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Woodstock Festival Remembered. New York: Ballantine Books, Chapters [ edit ] Aronowitz, Alfred G. Bass, Amy. Bernstein, Jacob. Louise I. Budds, Michael J. Cavett, Dick. Steven Roby, Ian Inglis. Aldershot, U. Collier, Barnard L. Cooke, Alistair. Cooke, Douglas. Cullen, Jim. Robert F. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, Dalton, David. Doyle, Michael William.

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