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More: He may have found the body of a serial killer's victim. Now he needs to find her name. The killings went on for decades and mostly went unnoticed because Little did not focus his carnage on one particular area or city. The now year-old took his vile killing spree across at least 16 states, strangling each of his victims.

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Before the rise in technology, local authorities did not have access to databases and other means in communicating the specifics on certain crimes, making it hard to link crimes that may have happened hundreds of miles away or months or years later. Little, 78, was arrested in in a shelter in Kentucky, then extradited to California on a narcotics charge. A man who looked like Gomez walked up to the woman's car. Task force members swooped in and made an arrest.

A serial killer says he drew his victims. The FBI hopes the images will help solve murders

He says the officers showed the man the most wanted poster that named Gomez and asked whether it was him. He said yes. He knew that we hadn't made a mistake in identifying him and putting our hands on him and making the arrest.

We had done our corroboration. He pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy. He admitted in his criminal information to Matute's murder.

Mindhunter: FBI’s John Douglas on the Atlanta Child Murders

On Air. The book investigates a series of murders of wealthy Osage people that took place in Osage County, Oklahoma in the early s—after big oil deposits were discovered beneath their land.

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Filming is expected to start in spring Sean Woods of Rolling Stone wrote: "In his masterful new book Grann chronicles a tale of murder, betrayal, heroism and a nation's struggle to leave its frontier culture behind and enter the modern world Filled with almost mythic characters from our past — stoic Texas Rangers, corrupt robber barons, private detectives, and murderous desperadoes like the Al Spencer gang — Grann's story amounts to a secret history of the American frontier.

A reviewer of Publishers Weekly stated "New Yorker staff writer Grann The Lost City of Z burnishes his reputation as a brilliant storyteller in this gripping true-crime narrative, which revisits a baffling and frightening—and relatively unknown—spree of murders occurring mostly in Oklahoma during the s.

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