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This should give you an idea if the offer , the people and ideas appeal to you or not. If you cannot fnd a connection with a person , it is diffcult to learn something from them. New courses are being created continuously to meet new demands. Our quality speaks for itself , and has been doing so for over 20 years! The fees for the courses are deliberately set very low - because education - especially in this area - should not be financially oriented , but talent oriented.

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Each person can only absorb a certain amount of new knowledge. Because you will learn so much new things in the courses , you may miss or simply not understand everything. For all other visits , only a share of the classroom costs are contributed!

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It is not our children who are becoming constantly more difficult , but rather they are adapting faster and even more radically to the current upheavals.

Dubuis, Jean - The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge

The common mage had a barely passable handle on it, but it was just beyond the common magician. This was a frequent problem at the time. All over the world magic was being used without actually knowing how it worked. The results were as disastrous as you would expect. In those chaotic, admittedly entertaining, times there was no widely accepted theory of magic. The research on it was scattershot, and books on the subject were thin on the ground.

Within two years, I assembled a rudimentary explanation on the fundamentals of magic that a beginner could grasp and build on in the future.

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Despite my honest intentions, the book is still a hard read and takes up the whole first three years at the Academy and is referenced in several classes. The publication of Magical Theory was one of those rare and beautiful things that did exactly what I wanted it to do: it gave the general mage public a working knowledge of magic.


While it's true that there are some mages that, through a limit of their own talent or inclination, will only ever think of magic as pretty lights that make things happen, there were those that ingrained the new information and ran with it to the cutting edge. That basic knowledge of how the smallest parts work they could gradually build up more complex spells. In the decades following Magical Theory's addition to the syllabus of the Academy there was a dramatic increase in magical innovation. In the centuries before, new spells were invented once in a lifetime. In the first year of Magical Theory's publication, seventy-two new charms were invented.

Concurrently, God only knows how many new curses were invented that first month, which goes to show that knowledge is the arms dealer that sells to both sides. Nightmarish implication of tailor made curses notwithstanding, Magical Theory, while debatable as a force for good or evil, was indisputably a force to be reckoned with. When the traditional and pure supremacists lost the battle to have fain-borns excluded from Academy in 20XX, their next move was to attempt to have Magical Theory restricted as reading material.

Their plan backfired in the most hilarious way possible; nothing makes a book more popular than banning it. Magical Theory has been translated into more than thirty-two languages, though the title has never been available in French. You, dear reader, are about to embark on that same journey of enlightenment our forerunners made so long ago.


The journey from unknowing into the unknown. You might think you're coming in late in the game; that everything that can be invented has been invented.

However, I remind you of a time when fire was high tech. We had a long way to go then; we have a long way to go now. You could be the one that brings us to the next level and it all starts here: the first level. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence, and soul the spiritual root of physical life, the quality which every form manifests is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of the mind, and these three are a trinity synthesized by life, which pervades them all. It is the source of their Determination. All souls share the visualization of a heart and is the embodiment of each individual's psyche and heart.

It is the part of the soul that determines the strength of its shine.


It is best represented by a keyboard and monitor. Information is taken in via stimulus from your environment, the data is inputted on the keyboard and the results are thrown up instantaneously onto the screen. It has ability to direct focus of the subconscious and the environment it operates in and to imagine things that are not real, unlike the subconscious or unconscious.

The subconscious will only deliver the emotions and feelings of what is continuously thought about. The intermediate, in continuous contact with the self and the unconscious. It functions like the short term memory in a computer, where programs and data currently in use are kept and reached easily. The subconscious is constantly at work behind the scenes. It controls most of the awareness of current surroundings and filters out all the unnecessary information, delivering only what is needed at the time. Any recent memories and sensations are stored there for quick recall when needed.

The Theosophical Society (Pasadena) British Section

It also holds current recurring programs behavior, habits, mood, etc. It cannot distinguish between that which the conscious mind imagines and that which is real, so whatever is brought up by conscious imagination and intently focused on, also brings up all the emotions and feelings that are associated with that image in the mind to experience. Aspects of a person discovered from here can seem foreign but a part of them whether recognized or not. It is the place where all memories and experiences since birth have been stored, both those repressed through trauma and those that are simply deemed no longer important then consciously forgotten.

Its from these memories that beliefs, habits, and behaviors are formed and reinforced over time. In many ways, the unconscious deals with all the same tasks as the subconscious but the difference is that the unconscious is the source of all these programs the subconscious uses. With an emphasis on the unconscious, this highly intricate network acts as a connective link between the physical body and the spiritual aspects soul of a being. The complexity varies and with it how reality is perceived, almost like a mirror globe with differing amounts of reflectors on it.

However, a highly complex psyche is more prone to distorted images of reality.

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A psyche in this state will not only sustain distortions but also intensify them. The subconscious can discover these discrepancies between memories and reality and can correct the distortions with the help of the mind. The heart has seven facets of the complete soul and one dominant trait which is represented by one of the facet colors.

They are cyan, orange, blue, purple, green, yellow, and red. The heart is holistic, and extends to all aspects of the person, i. Each facet of the soul has valuable gifts and strengths, as well as weaknesses. The soul of a monster is upside down and white. It composes their entire being, so they have little physical matter. All monsters have the usage of magic to varying degrees, unlike humans.

A monster's soul is weak and does not persist after death. It is not the entirety of their being, but rather their entirety housed within a physical body. The regular concentration of the soul at a focal point may lend additional credence as to why they tend to be stronger and have greater endurance to persist after death. Monsters believe that love, mercy, and compassion compose a monster's soul. It is easy to believe that indeed, they are made of these traits, as monsters are good natured, even if they do have their bad sides.

The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge

Human souls, do not need any of these traits. Despite extensive research the absolute nature of the soul, monster, human or otherwise is unknown. Recent studies continue to provide additional information on this subject. The body, along with the soul, is a part vital to the complete existence of any living thing. The body gives the soul a vessel, granting a person a physical appearance and a form. The body is a medium for a person's heart and feelings to be expressed in the physical world. The two are intimately bound to one another; so long as both exists, they will instinctively seek each other out.

The presence of a soul in a body other than its own without absorption will cause the body to weaken and decay.