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Almost springtime. Located in Columbus's German Village, the historic Civil War-era building —once a saloon and cinema—is surrounded by abundant greenery and idyllic fairy lights. Oh, and it has 32 rooms full of books. The 15th Annual ediblebooks Festival is today loganberrybooks! The stage is set and deliciously literary entries are starting to arrive. Official start is at 12pm! With its green and purple exterior, Loganberry Books is an enchanting shop containing ornate arched shelves and a sprawling skylight. Great new feminist and queer books just in. Perfect Easter presents.

Nestled in small town Mississippi , this " queer feminist book store " was founded in in order to serve as a haven for LGBTQ locals in one of the most conservative states in the country. Link in bio! Woman-owned store, Strand , is an NYC landmark. Its rows upon rows of bookshelves hold 18 miles of books and the shop hosts weekly book signings and events with names ranging from Lil Wayne to Grace Coddington and Bernie Sanders.

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New banners honoring Lawrence's th birthday are up! You know we had to make them red. Ferlinghetti citylights bookstagram. Over 60 years old, this popular tourist destination also serves as a publisher and non-profit that produces fiction, poetry, and memoirs that are said to represent the leading progressive voices in America.

Happy Saturday! If it involves books, notebooks or even more books, you know where to find us! Co-owned by author Ann Patchett, the independent book seller has its very own " shop dogs " staff pets who delight customers. They also have a traveling bus called the " Bookmobile. Happy 50th anniversary to Michael and Alice Powell!

May you two never be without each other or a good book. One of Portland's main attractions since —and still donning a vintage marquee—Powell's hosts over events during the year and has five locations across the city.

SO many great books came out today! See anything that piques your interest? Tell us about it! Known as Texas' largest independent bookstore, Book People has thousands of books, a relaxing cafe, and a gift shop that's know for its quirkier items. It's Wednesday! That's new comics day. What makes this shop great is its insane comic book collection that locals and tourists, too can't get enough of.

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  6. We've turned on the Sunday morning light, and are ready for you. Located in the picturesque Ojai hills, Bart's Books is known as the country's biggest independently owned outdoor bookstore. But there are way too many characters, most of whom never get fleshed out, and there are way too many story lines that cris-crossed and were sometimes hard to follow. Also, I got bored during the last quarter of the book.

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    Which seems odd, because that was when everything came to a head. If it sounds interesting to you, give it a shot, it's a quick read. Apr 22, Kris Sellgren rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. I was utterly charmed by this novel. It is a wicked sendup of small-town politics and corporate ill-doing, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. It is ironic that I would read a novel in which electronic bookseller "nile.

    But this love poem to books, to bookstores, and to reading is terrific in any format. View 1 comment. Mar 06, Seawood rated it it was ok Shelves: kindle , fiction , book-challenge. The premise is interesting, but I think there are a few too many characters who don't get time to develop - it was hard to feel much sympathy with any of them.

    And I really don't give a rat's about pot. I also don't feel ebooks are the death of the book, either - maybe of the cheap airport novel, but books will always be with us. So it was a little hard to take seriously. Oct 07, Jody rated it really liked it. Fun book. Lively action, irony, and twists. Stimulates thoughts on why we do what we do, and choose what we choose. Of course, I read it on a tablet computer. In my defense, there are no bookstores within an hour's drive of my home. Enjoyable to read. Try it, you'll like it! May 29, Kacey rated it it was amazing. Another thing I absolutely love is that the bookstore in the story actually exists!

    Jul 05, Preeti rated it liked it Shelves: books.

    Massive Bookstore Sells Hundreds Of Rare And Expensive Books

    Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was a fun, funny, and fast-paced read. It was almost reminiscent of Christopher Moore, but not quite as absurd and out-there. The premise definitely had a lot of potential and of course, it reflected our world. It's a scary thought to consider a world without paper books, as well as a world where people no longer read. I can't imagine not reading, it was my escape especially while growing up.

    I only gave this 3 stars because I thought the ending was a cop out. The Overall, I enjoyed this book. The build up and the story line up to that point was really intriguing and had moments of brilliance, but I didn't feel that the author really resolved it in a good way. It seemed like she just wanted to neatly tie up all the loose ends and finish it up. I was expecting more than that. Mar 02, Jess B rated it liked it. I had no idea when I downloaded and started reading the book that, that was where the story was going so I was a little put off by it.

    However, I did continue on and finish quickly and even enjoyed it along the way. Reading about the demise of the book as we know it hit a bit close to home and made me want to find my nearest used bookstore and spend some time there. I can't imagine a world without real, hard-copy books! A sad world it would be. Apr 05, Denise rated it really liked it. This book made me smile so many times! Dec 26, Babs rated it liked it Shelves: reads.

    The Last Bookstore Inspires Readers and Influencers Alike

    I don't know if I really liked this book; I just know I had to stick with it until the end. The idea of being left an old book store filled with antique books and a house to live in seemed intriguing. But that's about where my true interest lay in the story, and it was so undeveloped so as not to have a real place in the book.

    I stuck with it all the way to the only ending it could possibly have, but I dreamed of another ending altogether. Feb 27, Diane rated it liked it Shelves: read , kindle , pop-fiction , free-or-bargain-kindle , 3-star , beach-read , light-reading. I like this book well enough. It's a bit fluff, however, and I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than light reading. There is not a lot of depth to it and it pretty much just coasts along to it's pretty inevitable conclusion, without much depth of plot or depth of character.

    The writing is fine, though, and so it serves a purpose and quick little fun read. Nov 18, Donna Gettings Apperson rated it it was amazing. This book is about much more than the story of the last bookstore in America. It is about the demise of humanity due to the digitization of everything, not just books. There's a fun little back story about the owners and the day-to-day operation of the bookstore, but laced within are bits that make you wonder about your own role as a driver on the information highway. Cliche, I know, but not sure how to express how I feel about the symbolism intended or not relating to our society.

    I definitel This book is about much more than the story of the last bookstore in America. I definitely enjoyed reading this one Mar 22, Jan Davis rated it it was amazing.

    Very fun read. It reminded me of a British farce. This one has to hide something from that one while another has no idea what is happening. I love my "Gizmo" Kindle and I love books, so a bookstore is one of my favorite places. I'd hang out at the Dragon any day. Don't look for high literature in this book-- just enjoy the laughter and the trip to the Last Bookstore! Nov 02, Carolyn rated it it was amazing.

    A real fun read I quite enjoyed this book. Who knew illegal drugs could be funny. I started reading this, because New York has lost so many bookstores, so I was I was taken with the title. Plus I am a fan of Amy Stewart. I highly recommend it. Apr 13, Linda Teri rated it it was amazing.

    The Last Bookstore Inspires Readers and Influencers Alike

    True true true Anyone who has ever loved books, spent hours in a bookstore a real one, not amazon - perish the thought will love love love this book. Written with insight and wisdom and ALOT of wit and humor. Read it! Nov 30, Wendy Stotts rated it really liked it. I do purchase hard copies of books I particularly love, and this novel made me think I better continue to support the printed word.

    Nov 26, rhoda rated it it was amazing. Fun read.. With a great title,this author has really captured the possibility of occurrence. With tongue in cheek,the entire book is a delight. I am not usually a fan of what if,but this book has made it all seem possible. Sep 24, Gayle Mowbray rated it liked it. Mostly a hoot. It became, for me, too much of a happily ever after, excessive success ending. It is still a fun read. Spoiler alert, I think Emily ended up with more than she deserved, just sayin'. Feb 27, George Evans rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this look at what it might be like to be one of the last holdouts Jan 04, Diann rated it liked it Shelves: general-fiction , states-california , science-tech-engineering , zz-owned-on-kindle , humor.

    A light read that starts off better than it ends, but satisfying enough to amuse during our blizzard. Mar 29, Adriane Ignowski rated it did not like it. Very trite and obvious. Jan 28, Shugga rated it really liked it. A really cute story about the Last Bookstore in America.

    A quick read. Apr 08, Sara rated it really liked it. I could definitely argue for this as a sort of backwards literary version of the British film, Saving Grace, in which a woman living in a small seaside town in England inherits a bunch of debt after her husband's death and decides to grow a crop of pot to make ends meet.

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    Like this book, the town is also aware of her efforts and essentially supports her project. But the story doesn't draw those lines just because of its cannabis connections. It's also very similar to the movie which I've always l I could definitely argue for this as a sort of backwards literary version of the British film, Saving Grace, in which a woman living in a small seaside town in England inherits a bunch of debt after her husband's death and decides to grow a crop of pot to make ends meet.

    See a Problem?

    It's also very similar to the movie which I've always loved because it supports some fantastic characters and has a sometimes hysterical plot with just enough tension thrown in to make it interesting. Also, I love the irony that this book about the death of the paper book is available exclusively in e-book format. This book portrays what, for me, is a terrifying future--a time when bookstores will be obsolete and the only reading anyone ever does is on a Gizmo a cheap smartphone.

    I love some of the dilemmas brought up in this world, and though this all-too-plausible future wasn't a new idea to me my associates and I have been talking about the death of the book for years now , it was still enough to give me nightmares. However, this book doesn't just address the plight of the written word but actually offers a solution to the problem. A rather amusing one, actually.

    Though I don't know that this book has enough depth to merit a second reading, it was definitely fun while it lasted and I'd recommend it without reservation. I'd hope that it will inspire some people to think about the possible death of that which so many say they treasure.

    Maybe the world of literature is changing. But maybe, with some imagination and passion, there are also ways we can keep it alive. Mar 24, Nancy Bennett rated it it was ok. I totally agree with Sara's review on this. I really wanted to like this book. I love the premise, I totally agree with the concept that reading habits are drastically changing with the arrival of the Kindle and then the iPad , which -- as another reviewer pointed out -- is so ironic since I downloaded this book for free on my Kindle. But the story just never took off for me. The story had too much stuff going on.

    Maybe in the hands of a different author this could have been pulled together, but this just made the story feel very dis-jointed to me no pun intended. Are we trying to make Amazon sorry, Nile. Should we care that Lewis and Emily are totally clueless? I mean, I'm super naive myself, but really? A million-dollar in CASH sales for used books? Too many characters that never went anywhere, indecisiveness on whether to be a good story with political undertones or a political statement about something, not the greatest editing ironic considering the rant the author had about editors no longer being necessary in the new world where no one read books.

    It all just left me saying "Eh, the book was okay but could have been so much better".