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Chicken Little: The Sky is Falling

And when they hit, they do not disintegrate harmlessly in the atmosphere as most would on Earth. On the airless Moon, meteoroids hit the ground.

The Sky Is Falling

Right : The Moon's surface is peppered with impact craters. Apollo astronauts were never bothered by these projectiles.

The Moon has a surface area roughly equal to the continent of Africa. It helped that the astronauts didn't stay long: Adding all Apollo missions together, they were on the lunar surface less than two weeks.

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But what about next time? Following the Vision for Space Exploration, NASA is sending astronauts back to the Moon to stay longer and build bigger bases read: bigger targets than Apollo astronauts ever did. The odds of something precious being hit will go up. Should NASA be worried? The truth is, "we really don't know how many meteoroids hit the Moon every day," he says.

Henny Penny Is Right: The Sky Is Falling - EcoWatch

For lunar purposes, "we need more data," says Cooke. Fortunately, there are more data. Taylor:] But, says the gentleman [Mr. Love], there will be foreign influence. George the third may come over to reside here, I suppose—for unless he were here he could not vote.

The Sky Is Falling

Sir, if the sky were to fall , we should catch larks—and that is not a more extreme case than the gentleman's hypothesis. Love said he had supposed that the king of Great Britain would send his agents to reside here, who, being ostensible owners of the stock, might have the whole direction of the bank.

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Mr Taylor was by no means the first person to cite this aphorism. But suppose the King and the Lords, should concur with the Commons to the ruine of the Nation ; What then?

L[or]d B. Ha, ha, that's right: And when King, Lords, and Commons, shall joyn together to give up our Liberties, I am afraid the Day of Judgment will come soon after, and then it is no matter who rules upon Earth. William Nicholls, A Conference with a Theist cites a cataclysmic skyfall that he claims is part of a Chinese origin myth:. And as for the Chinese , that knowing Nation, which you Theists are wont to cry up for the standard of primitive Learning, and genuine Antiquity, let us see how they mend the matter in their account [of the origin of things].

And they tell us that one Tayn who lived in Heaven, famous for his Wisdom, disposed the parts of the World into the order we find them. That he created out of nothing the first Man Panson , and his Wife Pansone. That Panson by a delegated power from Tayn , created another Man called Tanhom , who was a great Naturalist and Physician, and understanding the nature of things gave names to them ; and this Tanhom had 13 Brethren so created,and so the World was peopled at first: Then after a while the Sky fell down upon the Earth, and destroyed them ; However, the threat of the sky falling had been discussed since the days of the Old Testament prophets.

From an translation of John Calvin, Commentary on the Prophet Isaiah originally written in :. These statements [made by Isaiah] must not be understood to relate to men's apprehension, for heaven is not moved out of its place; but when the Lord gives manifestations of his anger, we are terrified as if the Lord folded up or threw down the heavens; not that anything of this kind takes place in heaven, but he speaks to careless men, who needed to be addressed in this manner, that they might not imagine the subject to be trivial or a fit subject of scorn.

He that weighs no more Circumstances or Occurrances than serve for the advancement of his Design, pronounceth sentence easily, but temerariously, and for the most part unsoundly. When such a thing as you dream of should happen, it were good manners in you to leave his Majesty to his Christian Liberty. But to trouble your self and others about the Moons shining in the water, so unseasonably, so impertinently, or with what will come to pass when the sky falls , is unbeseeming the Counseller of a King.

The End of the World

It thus appears that the Chicken Little story plays on two traditions: mythical descriptions of the sky falling and its effects on humanity, and jocular or scornful dismissals of the same possibility. The connection between "the sky is falling" and larks appears also in Ben Jonson's "Inviting a Friend to Supper" , where he promises his guest some larks as a dish: "And though fowl now be scarce, yet there are clerks, The sky not falling, think we may have larks.

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