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Additionally, easy-to-understand trees illustrate the phylogenetic placement of each species in its assigned genus as they have been determined from gene sequence analysis.

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This essential work, prepared by the leading experts in the field, is the most definitive treatment of taxonomy and systematics of yeasts on the market, and a necessary reference for any bookshelf or workbench. High quality photomicrographs and line drawings enhance world-class content Detailed trees clearly illustrate phylogenetic placement of each species in its assigned genus Discussion of clinical aspects of yeasts, including their role in biotechnology, agriculture and ecology help contextualize content for a wide range of researchers.

The Yeasts: A Taxonomic Study.

The Yeasts

Volume 3 C. This fifth edition describes nearly species of ascomycete and basidiomycete yeasts as well as members of the yeast-like genus Prototheca.

The Yeasts - A Taxonomic Study (4th ed.) by Cletus Kurtzman (ebook)

Species are recognised by gene sequence analyses and are also characterised from morphology and physiological properties. Many species are illustrated by high quality photmicrographs and line illustrations.

Definition, classification and nomenclature of the yeasts Part II. Yeasts pathogenic to humans, 3. Yeast biotechnology, 4.

Agriculturally important yeasts, 5. Yeast spoilage, 6. Yeast ecology Part III.

Taxonomy: Life's Filing System - Crash Course Biology #19

Methods for isolation, phenotypic characterization and maintenance of yeasts, 8. Cytology, cell walls and septa, 9. Chemotaxonomy of yeasts, Gene sequence analyses and other DNA-based methods for yeast species recognition, Genome sequences of Saccharomycotina, Discussion of teleomorphic and anamorphic ascomycetous yeasts and yeastlike taxa Part IVb.

The Yeasts - A Taxonomic Study

Ambrosiozyma, Ascobotryozyma, Ascoidea, Babjeviella, Barnettozyma, Cephaloascus, Citeromyces, Clavispora, Coccidiascus, Cyniclomyces, Debaryomyces, Dekkera, Dipodascopsis, Dipodascus, Endomyces, Endomycete-like genera, Eremothecium, Galactomyces, Hanseniaspora, Hyphopichia, Kazachstania, Kluyveromyces, Kodamaea, Komagataella, Kregervanrija, Kuraishia, Kurtzmaniella, Lachancea, Lindnera, Lipomyces, Lodderomyces, Magnusiomyces, Metschnikowia, Meyerozyma, Millerozyma, Nadsonia, Nakaseomyces, Nakazawaea, Naumovozyma, Ogataea, Pachysolen, Peterozyma, Phaffiomyces, Pichia, Pneumocystis, Priceomyces, Protomyces, Saccharomyces, Saccharomycodes, Saccharomycopsis, Saturnispora, Scheffersomyces, Schizosaccharomyces, Schwanniomyces, Spathaspora, Sporopachydermia, Starmera, Starmerella, Sugiyamaella, Taphrina, Tetrapisispora, Torulaspora, Trichomonascus, Vanderwaltozyma, Wickerhamia, Wickerhamiella, Wickerhamomyces, Yamadazyma, Yarrowia, Zygoascus, Zygosaccharomyces, Zygotorulaspora Part IVc.

Aciculoconidium, Blastobotrys, Botryozyma, Brettanomyces, Candida, Geotrichum, Kloeckera, Lalaria, Macrorhabdus, Myxozyma, Saitoella, Saprochaete, Schizoblastosporion, Discussion of teleomorphic and anamorphic basidiomycetous yeasts Part Vb.

Agaricostilbum, Auriculibuller, Bannoa, Bulleribasidium, Bulleromyces,